Thursday Night: Mighty Mouse Stands Up


Author’s Note: Here’s some basic stuff that could build this scene

Jamie comes to the party, looks like shit

Jamie pulls Christine aside, confesses that he’s been helping underage kids through Timeless as part of an underground railway of sorts, getting kids out of porn/drug/prostitution. He’s a mess of agitation, Christine suspects he’s jonesing – turns out he disappeared halfway through the show (they didn’t need me, right?). He’s at the edge.

Against her protests he bursts through the crowd and confesses to Trix, tells her to kick him out instead of Lizard. She does. Jamie runs. Mouse is torn, but before taking off after Jamie she blasts Trix. Argument is between tough love vs enabling on one side, and loving support vs abandonment on the other. This is a critical argument. Both ladies are forever changed by its articulation at this moment.


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