Wednesday Morning: Timeless Wandering



(Christine stands looking at the closed door, then looks around, a little lost. Christine reaches for her phone and finds it not there. Agitated, Christine rushes off.)


(Christine emerges from a doorway into the lobby, looking disoriented. Christine sees Chia dancing by herself in the dark, singing without words. Chia’s dancing is innocently provocative and slightly awkward, like a child doing stripper moves for make-believe. Christine watches, mesmerized. Chia notices Christine and stops suddenly, drooping like a rag doll, ashamed. Chia sways in place, mouth open.)

CHRISTINE: Um, hi, Chia? Can you help me? I need to find a place to wash up.

(Chia comes to life, over-bright, over-friendly)

CHIA: I’ll take you! I’ll take you! I know a fast way. You wanna go the fast way?

CHRISTINE: Yeah, let’s do fast.

(Chia takes Christine’s hand and leads her to a closet)


(Chia and Christine duck to move through very low tunnels with very rough boards, scenery indicating they are inside the walls. Music plays from somewhere, masking their sounds. Christine stops and looks through a grate, where there is a camera into the front lobby. Christine stops at another grate with a broken, disabled camera on the ground beside it. She looks through and sees Bash and Trace in the office.)


BASH: So we’re on track?

TRACE: We just need to stay on our game, don’t let her get all sidetracked with distractions.

BASH: Ah, yes, I hear we have a mouse in the house. I knew that would get under your skin. Has someone been nibbling at our cheese?

TRACE: You think that bothers me? That doesn’t matter, we both know what she’s like. But the girl’s a distraction. That’s why Luca had to go, if you remember.

BASH: You did not just say that! This is no Luca situation, in any case. The girl is teflon. She won’t stick. And she can play.

TRACE: You really think she’s worth the trouble?

BASH: Maybe a distraction isn’t such a bad thing right now. Having Trix focused somewhere does means she pays less attention to other things. That may be best, in these final days, don’t you think?

(Chia turns with her finger on her lips)

CHIA: (whispers) Come on, come on, not allowed to sneak sneak, don’t let them see! Don’t let them hear!


(Cut to Chia and Christine emerging into the Grand Foyer outside the Bunkers. Christine brushes herself off.)

CHRISTINE: You didn’t say we weren’t allowed.

CHIA: You didn’t ask. I win!

(Chia runs ahead, using a pass key on her belt to unlock a red door beside the door to the bunkers.)

CHIA: Through secret doors down corridors.


(Cut to Chia running ahead through the kitchen and Christine entering slowly behind. Ruby is zestily and efficiently preparing food. Ruby and Chia are identical twins.)

CHIA: Brought her! Brought her! I went out and got her! Now she’s here, give a cheer, every day happy new year!

RUBY: Thought you was comin’ last night.

CHRISTINE: I got sidetracked. Sorry.

RUBY: It’s nothin’ to me what you do.

CHRISTINE: Um, okay, is there somewhere I can clean up?

RUBY: Timeless ain’t for girls.

CHRISTINE: You’re a girl.

RUBY: I’m family. How long you supposta be stayin’?

CHRISTINE: I…I don’t know…

RUBY: Well that’s just great. Look, nothin’ personal against you, but we don’t know you. It’s tight quarters for three who’s family. No room for strays.

CHIA: Mouse can sleep in my bed.

RUBY: No, she can’t.

CHRISTINE: Look, I don’t have to…stay here or anything. I just need a shower for fifteen minutes.

RUBY: So here’s not good enough for you?

CHIA: Mouse floats. If she lands she might go POP!

(Adelaide enters)

ADELAIDE: If she needs room, we have room. Leave her. Hello, I’m Adelaide. My kitchen feeds this army. You met my nieces, Ruby and Chia. You look lost as a wet puppy, child. May actually be your talent she’s after. Well, there’s towels, bathroom’s through there. We’ll chat when you’re fresh.

(Chia follows Mouse. Adelaide gently guides Chia away and gets her started with a cooking chore.)


(Christine rubs her arms, hair, neck with loving gestures, almost like cuddling with herself as the water beats down. She smiles with private happiness.)


(Christine enters with a towel around her head. Ruby, Adelaide, Chia and two boys work at the chopping tables. Huge pots bubble and steam on the stove. Christine breathes deeply, smelling good smells. Adelaide puts a steaming bowl in front of her.)

CHRISTINE: Wow, thanks, I’m super hungry! Thanks for letting me use the shower. I feel way better!

ADELAIDE: Good. Oh, Seth left this for you.

(Adelaide passes her phone across.)

CHRISTINE: Thanks! I feel naked without it.

RUBY: Why are you here?

ADELAIDE: Now, that’s hardly fair.

RUBY: She ain’t homeless an’ she ain’t a boy and I want to know what she’s playin’ at, hangin’ around, snoopin’ around. She made Chia show her the back passage, you know that? Spyin’ on Trace n’ Bash. That’s right, Chia’s not dumb, she tells me everything. So don’ you mess with her.

CHRISTINE: I wouldn’t…mess with anyone. I’m just here to play guitar. I…got in a fight with my boyfriend. I asked if I could stay here since I’m practicing every day anyway, so here I am and I don’t know what’s happening but Trix wants me downstairs soon and I’m sorry to intrude on your space.

ADELAIDE: Not at all. We’re glad you’re here. Going to be good for the show. My Ruby-girl here just isn’t so trusting, now, after the life she’s had. That’s what happens when you can’t rely on the people who are responsible for your care to take care of you.

RUBY: How can you air my personal business to this person I don’ know?

ADELAIDE: We may not have cameras, but live out loud applies here just like the rest of Timeless. Own your story, girl!

RUBY: Own it? Own that my own uncle made me do disgusting things on the internet so he and his buddies could get off? That he hurt me for fun? Own that my sister is permanently fucked up after being gang raped on camera? Is that what you want me to own, Auntie?

ADELAIDE: Well, it’s you who’s telling it that way. I see a brave girl who did her best to protect her sister and finally found me, after trying everything she could think of. I see a resourceful, strong young woman who got herself and her sister out.

RUBY: Too late. Years too late.

ADELAIDE: As soon as she could.

RUBY: So, you happy now, Mouse? You know all our personal laundry. Think what you want, I don’ even care.

CHRISTINE: For what it’s worth, I agree with Adelaide.

RUBY: You don’ know nothin’ ‘bout nothin’. Better you don’ say anythin’ at all.

CHRISTINE: Fair enough. Listen, I’ve got a phone call to make and I need to catch up with Trix. Thanks for being so…open with me, guys. I hope I’ll see you later.

ADELAIDE: Are you sleeping here tonight?

CHRISTINE: I think so, but I don’t really seem to know what’s going to happen a minute from now, let alone hours.

ADELAIDE: Well, that’s living in the moment! We’ll be ready for you either way.



(Christine enters the lobby from the hallway. Trix and Trace stand at the counter going over paperwork, heads close together, and don’t notice her enter. She backs into a dark corner and dials her phone.)

DELISLE: Delisle Abener-Fitch here.

CHRISTINE: Delisle? This is…Christine Purnell?

DELISLE: I’m sorry, who?

CHRISTINE: Mouse? From Trix and Traces? I’m teaching with Your Kinda Music…

DELISLE: Oh, Mouse! I’m so excited! Ten thirty, right?

CHRISTINE: Well, that’s why I’m calling, actually. Trix…she, um, needs me this morning.

DELISLE: You are not cancelling on me. Do you know who I am? Who my mother is?

CHRISTINE: Oh, um, I mean, if it’s a big inconvenience for you…

(Trix looks up at Christine, and makes her way over to where Christine stands)

DELISLE: If you don’t come today, that means you’ll teach Delanie first, because she’s tomorrow, right? Unless you cancel her too?

CHRISTINE: I don’t know if…

DELISLE: Well, if you cancel me, I think you’d be too busy for her.

CHRISTINE: Maybe, but, well…

TRIX: Here, give her to me. Trix here. Your name? Well Delisle, I hate to cause you a problem and of course Mouse can come out today if you really need her, but I was hoping to get her help with an important routine for the show…maybe you want tickets? Thursday? And the after party, of course, I can’t believe we missed inviting you already. So, you understand? Great. Thanks, Delisle.

(Trix hands the phone back to Christine)

CHRISTINE: So, thanks for understanding. Do you want to rebook through the office for next week?

DELISLE: I guess. Well, I’m disappointed, but tickets for Thursday almost makes up for it. They’re, like, impossible to get. I already have tickets for Friday, but Thursday’s where it’s at!

CHRISTINE: Great. Um, okay, well, bye.


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