Screenplay: Episode 1, Scene 2: Last Friday Night

2. Last Friday Night


(Christine and Chris wait in line outside. Christine gets jostled by taller patrons and falls behind several people as Chris moves with the lineup through the door. Chris doesn’t notice and enters the building. Christine shoves her way through to catch up.)


(Loud music. Bouncers check ID’s of people in line. Christine fishes in a pocket. Bouncer #1 waves them through without checking. Christine seems insulted. Chris pulls Christine towards a group of people he knows. Christine indicates she wants to dance. Chris insists on his direction. Christine drops Chris’ hand and joins the dance floor.)

(Christine dances closely with several different people in quick succession, male and female. Christine seems dissatisfied and distracted. Christine moves to an open spot on the edge of the dance floor and closes her eyes. Eyes closed, Christine’s solo dancing becomes fluid, unselfconscious and sexy. Beyond Christine, Trix watches from a table alongside the dance floor, but is not brought to the audience’s attention).

(Cut to various quick-succession memories interspersed with Christine’s dance. The memories reveal that Christine was with Ethan and left him for Chris – for example, we could see Chris and Christine with hands clasped over coffee; Ethan and Christine talking, arguing, Ethan throwing a guitar down the stairs behind Christine; Christine running to Chris; the sign for the City; Christine with a suitcase entering Chris’ apartment. Christine’s dancing reflects her reaction to, and dismissal of, the memories. The memories get washed over by dancing colours in time with the music, until suddenly they explode in a white light.)

(Christine’s eyes fly open and immediately lock with Trix’s eyes. Christine stands frozen for several seconds while the two women hold eye contact. Christine gets knocked around by other dancers and breaks eye contact. Christine aggressively pushes her way through the dance floor, and glues herself to Chris’ side. Trix appears in front of them, seemingly from nowhere. Trix watches Christine although Trix speaks to Chris.)

TRIX: Well, Chris, you’ve brought us a new mouse to play with?

CHRIS: How’re tricks, Trix?

(Trix does not acknowledge the joke. Trix takes Christine’s hand and runs her finger over the calluses on Christine’s fingers.)

TRIX: Come sit with us.

(Trix pulls Chris and Christine behind her, holding one of each of their hands. Trix pulls them through the dance floor, to her table. The dancers make room for them to pass. Dancers’ reactions give the impression that Trix is a type of celebrity.)

(At the table sit eight people, including Trace and Bash. As Trix approaches, two people vacate their chairs so Chris and Christine can sit. Trix crouches beside Christine. Trace and Bash watch from across the table.)

TRIX (to Christine): Perhaps she has a name? Tell me your secret name.

(Trace tries to interrupt but Christine doesn’t notice. Chris nudges Christine and indicates Trace.)

TRACE: Hey, I’m Trace.


(Trace stretches out her hand for a handshake without moving from her seat. Christine half stands, awkward, to reach her hand across the table, then flops back into her seat. At the same time, using a single, fluid movement, Trix grabs a chair from an adjacent table, swings a leg over it and sits leaning on the back of the chair, looking at Christine.)

CHRIS: Trace plays with Trix. They have a little act.

TRIX: We have a band. Trix n’ Traces, maybe you’ve heard of us? Bash here plays bass.

CHRIS: Christine plays a mean guitar.

TRIX:  Chris and Christine? Cute. So, you play.

CHRISTINE: Yeah, since I was a kid. Acoustic, electric and…classical. I did two years with the Orchestra back home. While I did my degree?

(Trix waits expectantly. Christine grows uncomfortable with the silence.)

CHRISTINE: And, I’ve been in a couple of bands?

TRIX: Originals or covers?

CHRISTINE: Mostly covers.

TRIX: Rock?

CHRISTINE: Um, basically…

TRIX: Pop?

CHRISTINE: Not really. Sort of?

TRIX: Country?


TRIX: Don’t get insulted, music’s music. How about punk?

CHRISTINE: A little.

(Trix seems surprised.)

CHRISTINE: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Rise Against…”

(Trix dismisses these selections as sub-par using a hand gesture.)

TRIX: So I’m guessing no Minor Threat.

(Christine indicates ignorance.)

TRIX: Dance?

CHRISTINE: What, like, the synth pop they’re playing here? I don’t even think there’s a real guitar in there.

(Trix seems insulted, then laughs.)

TRIX: There is so real guitar! It’s an art, the mixing and matching – don’t knock it. How about Metal?

CHRISTINE: Maybe a bit?

TRIX: Let me guess…Metallica.

(Christine indicates no.)

TRIX: Then it’s gotta be Guns n’ Roses.

CHRISTINE: Just once…

TRIX: Sweet Child!

CHRISTINE: Okay, yeah, but…on the classical acoustic, quiet, pretty.

TRIX: You’re telling me your whole story in a song, little sister. What about current stuff? You a…Black Keys kinda girl?

CHRISTINE: More…White Stripes?

TRIX: What kind of audience are you playing for, Mouse, that would put up with the mix you’re spinning me?

CHRISTINE: Um…eclectic?

TRIX: (laughs) Clearly. How about this: female music hero.


TRIX: Hm. I see. You’ll do, Mouse. Good. Bash! Trace! a guitarist. We were just talking about changing it up, and here she is.

(Trace seems incredulous and at a loss for words with anger. Trace stands and walks away from the table, disappearing onto the dance floor. Trix remains focused on Christine, ignoring Trace’s exit. Chris laughs. Chris leans in close to Christine)

CHRIS: I could use some popcorn for this show.

(Suddenly, Trix and Bash stand at the same moment, then walk away together towards the dance floor. Trix touches Christine in a lingering way as she passes by, and discretely drops a small square of napkin in Christine’s lap. Christine watches Trix go, clearly confused at the sudden change in attention. Christine looks at her lap and sees the napkin, with a scrawled note that says, “Timeless 1pm with guitar”. Christine shows Chris the note.)

CHRISTINE: What’s that supposed to mean?

CHRIS: Timeless is an old theatre converted into a club. It’s where they play – Trix n’ Traces. I think you’ve been summoned to band practice.

CHRISTINE: Like, when? Tomorrow? Should I go?

CHRIS: Do you want to go?

CHRISTINE: Yes! Why wouldn’t I?

CHRIS: Well if you want to go, go! Let’s dance.

(Chris and Christine dance in an appreciative, mutually arousing way. Christine notices Trix out of the corner of her eye, then deliberately refocuses on Chris.)


(Cut to Chris and Christine urgently making out in front of their apartment door.)


(Chris and Christine stumble through the door still kissing. Chris and Christine have sex with Christine leaning forward against a telephone table and Chris behind. Chris pulls back on Christine’s hair, lifting her head so she sees their faces reflected in a mirror on the wall.)

(Cut to the kitchen. Clock reads 3:00am. Chris cooks pancakes at the stove. Christine slouches, half-dressed, at the table)

CHRIS: So, how did you like your first Friday night out in the big city? Hey, I think that might even count as our first official date!

CHRISTINE: That’s weird, isn’t it? We’re, like, living together, but we haven’t even dated. I’m still amazed I’m here.

CHRIS: No regrets?

CHRISTINE: Well, I wouldn’t say that, exactly. I wish I hadn’t had to break Ethan’s heart, for example.

CHRIS: You can’t feel sorry for him? After what he did!

CHRISTINE: So, the club was fun. That Trix is pretty intense! How do you know her?

CHRIS: She’s with Bashir – Bash. He and I were on the same research team at the University. He was my office mate last year, and we T.A.’d a class together. I went to the wedding.

CHRISTINE: Who’s wedding?

CHRIS: Trix and Bash! They got married last June.

CHRSITINE: What? But I could have sworn…aren’t they both gay?

CHRIS: Well, sure, but it got his parents off his back about marrying a nice girl. Interesting, right?

CHRISTINE: Yes, especially since she was all over me. How did you feel about that, by the way?

CHRIS: Maybe she was just trying to make someone jealous.

CHRISTINE: Gee, thanks. But I mean, how do you feel about her coming on to me? How would you want me to respond to that?

(Chris continues moving cooked pancakes to a plate. Chris brings the plate to the table. Christine grabs a hot pancake off the plate as he passes, then quickly drops it in her lap)


(Chris scoops up the pancake from her lap and tosses it into the sink)

CHRIS: Watch out – don’t burn yourself!

(Chris picks up Christine’s hand and blows on the fingers, kisses the tips. Christine and Chris share a tender smile. Chris serves pancakes. Christine smothers her plate in maple syrup. Christine gets distracted by the joy of eating.)


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