Screenplay: Episode 1, Scene 3: Saturday Morning

3. Saturday Morning


(Christine wakes up messy-haired and slit-eyed. She looks around the empty room, slightly panicked)

CHRISTINE: Chris? Chris!

CHRIS: (muffled from bathroom) In here!

(Christine shuffles to the closed door with the blanket over her shoulders. She tries the handle and finds it locked.)

CHRIS: I need a minute in here.

CHRISTINE: So, how do I get to Timeless?

CHRIS: What, you’re going?

CHRISTINE: Well, yeah! You coming?

CHRIS: No, I don’t think so.

CHRISTINE: Why not? It could be fun!

CHRIS: Really, Christine, I said I need a minute in here, okay? Why don’t you go eat something, or something.


[INT. Kitchen]

(Cut to Christine at the table eating almost-finished toast, looking at her cell phone. She has crumbs on her shirt and her hair is a mess. She still wears the blanket from the bed. Chris enters, clean and fresh from the shower. Christine does not look up.)

CHRIS: Don’t be like that, I just needed a little privacy. Okay?

CHRISTINE: Whatever. Yeah, it’s okay.

CHRIS: Listen, are you really planning on going to Timeless today?

CHRISTINE: Why don’t you just tell me why you think I shouldn’t go, instead of beating around the bush.

CHRIS: I didn’t say…okay, well…here’s the thing. Trix is all drama. She makes drama in the air by breathing. She’s like a tornado of craziness. Maybe you need some more drama, I don’t know. I mean, you just left your ex-boyfriend to move here with me after a few weeks of flirting over coffee – isn’t that enough drama for now? I want to settle in and figure this out together. Don’t you?

CHRISTINE: Well, yeah, but…

CHRIS: Look, it’s not that I don’t get why you might want to check it out. Maybe you’re looking for one last chance to show Ethan he was wrong, that you still have a chance to be a star?

CHRISTINE: What? Quit analyzing me! Why does it have to be about anything like that? I’m not joining the band, I’m just going to see what I can see. You know I can’t even bring Gretel since she got banged up…

CHRIS: Not just banged up! Ethan threw your guitar at you, down a stairwell. In a violent rage!

CHRISTINE: It’s not that simple. We were always together, through high school and college. Then I said I didn’t want that anymore. Of course he got upset.

CHRIS: Don’t minimize what he did. You got stitches on your leg! I can’t believe you’d defend him.

CHRISTINE: Yeah, well, Gretel is broken, and Ethan’s holding my other two hostage.

CHRIS: Jerk.

CHRISTINE: So, anyway, I’ve got no guitar. I just…I don’t know anyone here, I’m totally outside the scene. Then this band lands in my lap, literally! I want to stay….open. You know? To possibility.

CHRIS: Hey, if you want to check out Trix and Traces, be my guest. Just, try not to get sucked in, okay?

CHRISTINE: Sure, whatever.


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