Screenplay: Episode 1, Scene 6: Saturday Night

Chapter 6 Saturday Night   [INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE CHRIS’ APARTMENT] (Christine stops outside the apartment door and fusses with her hair and clothes. Muffled music can be heard. Christine sniffs the air, giving the impression she smells pot and doesn’t mind. Christine closes her eyes and breathes before opening the door) [INT. CHRIS’ APARTMENT] (Pulsing […] Read more »

Screenplay: Episode 1, Scene 5: Saturday Evening

Chapter 5 Saturday Evening [INT. TIMELESS, FRONT LOBBY] TRACE: I was hoping I’d catch you…Mouse. (Trace emerges from the shadows. Trace leans on a counter casual-seductively) CHRISTINE: Christine. TRACE: Right. Let’s just stick with Mouse. You know, you never should have hit that stage without seeing me first. I need to take care of you. […] Read more »

Screenplay: Episode 1, Scene 4: Saturday Afternoon

4: Saturday Afternoon [EXT. CITY STREET] (Christine rides a bus, listening to headphones and looking at her cell phone. Time is just after 2:00) [EXT. CITY STREET, LOW-RENT NEIGHBOURHOOD] (Christine walks along a sidewalk trying to find Timeless. Christine is sweaty and seems disgruntled, using her cell phone for directions. Christine stops in front of […] Read more »

Screenplay: Episode 1, Scene 3: Saturday Morning

3. Saturday Morning [INT. CHRIS’ APARTMENT, MORNING] (Christine wakes up messy-haired and slit-eyed. She looks around the empty room, slightly panicked) CHRISTINE: Chris? Chris! CHRIS: (muffled from bathroom) In here! (Christine shuffles to the closed door with the blanket over her shoulders. She tries the handle and finds it locked.) CHRIS: I need a minute […] Read more »