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Cheryl Ives

Twitter: @MrsWhich

Blog: Writing Out Loud


Where: Ontario, Canada

I’m writing a story called Timeless, and hoping to inspire creative community around the world and characters. By day I’m building a business in Innovation Facilitation (more to come!). I am a mother, Kung Fu novice and erstwhile MBA. Or from another perspective, I am a social tourist, recovering metamorph, occasional catalyst and powerful undercurrent.

Stephanie Rozek

Twitter: @avocadodogBlog: Ontario, CanadaWriter, singer/composer, marketer, and dog-lover. Passionate about ideas, words, travel, the arts, technology and innovation, building community, and making the world a more beautiful place.

Elizabeth Amaya-Fernandez

Twitter: @artemisretreatsBlog: New Jersey, USATrying to make sense of the world around me. Traveler, parent, partner, health educator, teacher. Attempting to quiet my mind, so I can listen to my heart, and write.

Karen Sharp

Twitter: @Karen_SharpBlog: to unrecognizability… helpmeet for the healing wisdom of endarkenment… friend to the daylight mind

Jo Miller

Twitter: @millejoaWhere: Atlantic CanadaI love words,  images, stories, story telling… I seek,explore – delight when I discover. My Heart thrives on Magic. Miracles. and spins at least twice around on Serendipity.
When I was asked to be an early reader of “Timeless” I whooped out in ecstatic glee`did a double snoopy Dance. I had recently discovered the Magic of @MrsWhich (Cheryl Ives) and her blog. I will never forget thinkin. wow! that is a writer. I was immediately taken to that world that readers,thinkers,and lovers of the word long to go. a place where you belong, where ‘they’ get and understand you ~ where the resonance is achingly beautiful. and you are changed- never the same – brought back to, not only in the written word, but in feeling the flight of a bird, in smiling at that tired cashier, in the tears that come to your eyes at sunrise, in the smell of fresh cut timothy grass, in the dust on the road, in that perfect rock, in that gleam in a loved one’s eyes….

Kelly Letky

Twitter: @mrsmediocrity, @thebluemuseBlog: New York, USA

I am graphic artist, jewelry designer, writer, photographer, wife, mother, sister, daughter, crazy cat lady, friend, runner, knitter, gardener, and trying to be, above all, kind, caring, loving, generous, artful, and immersed in each and every moment.

Heather Muse

Twitter: @GFmuseBlog: Georgia, USA

Living in the moment; finding my voice; learning to live a gluten free life; i am a teacher, writer, photographer, aspiring videographer and avid sports fan

Michael Douglas Jones

Twitter: @MJonesStudioBlog: Maryland, USA

Artist; Always was; always will be

Mike Rusk

Twitter: deciduoustreeBlog: Maryland. USA

Iconoclast, inventor, insatiably curious, writer, work for food and toys. Known to speak and write without thinking…beware!

Cristina L

Twitter: @streetlights94Blog: Utah, USA

Moving imagination and creativity past the shadows of a streetlight.

Wholly Jeanne

Twitter: whollyjeanneBlog: www.TheBarefootHeart.comWhere? North Carolina & Georgia, USAI’m fluent in English and Southern; still married to the man I once hung wallpaper with; and I’m delighted to report that I never, ever had to use an assumed name at a PTO meeting.

Alain Gaudrault

Twitter: Alain eschews TwitterBlog: Alain does not blogWhere: Ontario, CanadaI’m with Cheryl. Or I’m watching the kids so she can write.


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