Chuck Cirino

Chuck Cirino

Best Known for: Creator and Anti-Host of Weird TV. Film Composer 

Why Listed? Weird TV. It blew my mind. It changed my life.

Twitter: @chuckcirino (semi-active, sometimes)

Facebook: Film Composition Facebook Page


Status: RESPONDED! See below


Current State of the Ask:

Updated May 30, 2011

Ask Action Yes No Kinda What’s happening
Found Contact.Information? X Some twitter & facebook activity. Email Chuck(@)
Sent Letter? X Sent message through Facebook
Contacted through other means? N/A
Responded? X Yes
Agreed? X He checked out the site but no specific commitment to read the story
Next steps? X I’m thrilled that I heard back from him! Your next steps: check out – you will be so, so glad

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