Devin Townsend

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Best Known for: Musician and record producer. Founder, songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist in extreme metal band Strapping Young Lad and as a solo artist. 

Why Listed? Because not only am I amazed with his gift, but if he reads my work, my husband will think I am the coolest babe alive.

Twitter: @dvntownsend




Current State of the Ask:

Updated May 30, 2011

Ask Action Yes No Kinda What’s happening
Found Contact.Information? X My husband has an old email address for his wife and manager. Email address available on website. Can send hard copy to Hevy Devy
Sent Letter? X Sent letter May 19th in hard copy to Hevy Devy. Will send an email tomorrow.
Contacted through other means? X Have tweeted twice, got a response to one! But never broached the ask, not even close
Responded? X Not yet
Next steps?

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