Jay Ferguson

Jay Ferguson

Best Known for: Incredible musician, singer, songwriter, member of the iconic (my word) band Sloan 

Why Listed? Because of the look on his face when he plays the music that speaks to my soul

Twitter: None found, but @sloanmusic seems to be staffed

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sloanmusic

Website: http://www.sloanmusic.com/

Status: Letter Sent



Current State of the Ask:

Updated May 30, 2011

Ask Action Yes No Kinda What’s happening
Found Contact.Information? X None for him in particular, but the Sloan website and twitter seem to have someone paying attention. Hopefully that route. Can send a hard copy to murderecords
Sent Letter? X Sent hard copy to record label on May 24th. So late! It took me a long time to write the hand-written notes.
Contacted through other means? X I’ve tweeted @sloanmusic a couple of times.
Responded? X
Next steps?

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