John Linnell

John Linnell

Best Known for: Half of They Might Be Giants. Singer, songwriter who also plays (at least) accordion, saxophone, clarinet, and keyboards 

Why Listed? Because They Might Be Giants is my soul band. And a free concert in Toronto for my 40th birthday was a great idea! (okay, a week late, but schedules and all…)

Twitter: @tmbg



Status: Letter Sent


Current State of the Ask:

Updated May 30, 2011

Ask Action Yes No Kinda What’s happening
Found Contact.Information? X Twitter acct seems active probably staffed, might get there. Similar Facebook. According the IMDB, hard copy can be sent to TMB Productions
Sent Letter? X Sent hard copy letter May 17th
Contacted through other means? X I’ve tweeted @tmbg a few times. They responded, but never to the tweet with the ask, so guessing either not interested in clicking through, or didn’t see. Will be seeing their concert one week after my birthday, so that feels like a special 40th present just for me.
Responded? X
Next steps?

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