Paul Maxwell

Paul Maxwell (photo by Peter Lee)

Best Known for: Founder, Maxwell’s Music House 

Why Listed? Because he turns his dreams into a shared reality

Twitter: @maxwellsmusic

Facebook: (personal facebook page is private)


Status: Letter Sent


Current State of the Ask:

Updated May 30, 2011

Ask Action Yes No Kinda What’s happening
Found Contact.Information? X I know two people in common through Facebook and I think will be able to get an introduction
Sent Letter? X Yes, sent hard copy letter. I don’t know why, maybe because he’s local, but I feel more shy about reaching out through twitter/facebook, like it’s intrusive. There’s no reason to think he didn’t get the letter, so if he’s interested, he’ll get in touch. If not, he won’t.
Contacted through other means? X
Responded? X
Next steps?

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