The 40

403: For my 40th birthday on June 4th, I’m asking 40 people who’ve inspired me to read the first 40 pages of my story, Timeless.


How did I pick?

I had about 150 names of people I admire that I thought might actually enjoy something about the story or the Open Source approach.

 Some I knew right away would be there – that took about 20 slots. The other 20, I combined random chance with a vague sort of preferential selection process until the mix seemed to fit my mood approaching 40. Recency had some impact – the list would have looked different six months ago and would probably look different six month from now. I kinda miss the people who didn’t make it, but life moves forward. I am not necessarily these people’s biggest fan in every way. In fact, I know only one or two things about most of them. Those things have been critical inspirations for me.

HOVER your mouse over any picture to see the one-line reason why they are on my list.

UPDATED MAY 30th – All status updates. CLICK the pictures for more information and current status on the “Ask.”  I finally finished them all in spite of becoming CROSS-EYED!

THE ORDER DOES NOT REFLECT ANYTHING AT ALL – it’s next to random, on purpose.


Kevin McDonald

Eve Ensler

Chuck Cirino

Zooey Deschanel

Jane Lynch

Irshad Manji

Trish Hennessy

Bruce McDonald

John Flansburgh

John Linnell

Kevan Byrne

Edeet Ravel

Stephen Lewis

Damon Gough

Sarah McLachlan

Anna Maria Tremonti

Jay Ferguson (photo from Marshall Angus)

Chris Murphy (photo from Marshall Angus)

Patrick Pentland (photo from Marshall Angus)

Andrew Scott (photo from Marshall Angus)

Margaret Atwood

Al Yankovic

Paul Maxwell

Sharon Osbourne

Kevin Smith

Jian Ghomeshi

Penny Marshall

Lois Lowry

Devin Townsend

Elizabeth May

Gil Adamson

Drew Barrymore

Margaret Wheatley

Seth Godin

Jane Siberry

Perry Farrell

Michael Moore

Cathy Nicholson

Sandra Bernhard

Susan Swan

(I’ll admit, I lifted all these photos from the net. I’ve credited the ones that had info to credit. If any of the photos belongs to you and you want it removed, let me know through the Feedback page.)